Simple toolbar

The following example demonstrates WYSIHTML5 editor with simplified toolbar. Since browsers use a default style sheet to style elements, so if you use b, i, ul and li, there is already some styling visible in the editor. Please note: The textarea will always hold the editor's generated markup. Therefore wysihtml5 integrates smoothly with forms.

Full featured editor

WYSIHTML55 takes a textarea and transforms it into a rich text editor. The textarea acts as a fallback for unsupported browsers (eg. IE < 8). Make sure the textarea element has an id, so we can later access it easily from javascript. The resulting rich text editor will much behave and look like the textarea since behavior (placeholder, autofocus, ...) and css styles will be copied over.

WYSIHTML5 events

The following example demonstrates examples of some events available. To capture other events that occur within the Wysihtml editor’s iframe, make sure that the wysihtml iframe is fully loaded before registering events, otherwise results may vary across browsers. One way to ensure that the iframe is fully loaded is to define functions like the above as a callback on the editor’s load function.