Version 2.0
July 20, 2018 v. 2.0

New 2.0 version includes a lot of bug fixes, improvements and updates. But the most important thing is a new Bootstrap 4 version! It took a while, but it definitely worth all efforts - completely new file structure, advanced theming support, SCSS pre-processors, latest versions of all libraries, based on flexbox, clean code, modular JS pattern, single sources for all layouts etc etc. Bootstrap 3 version is still supported, but for certain period. If you still need <IE10 support and earlier versions of modern browsers, Bootstrap 3 is still in trend. Please note - there are still a few things that need update (main navigation improvement and a few components), those will be added in 2.1. Below is the list of changes:

// # List of new stuff
// ------------------------------

[new]  Bootstrap 4 version!

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  jquery.min.js - to 3.3.1
[updated]  uniform.min.js - to latest version
[updated]  autosize.min.js - to 4.0.2
[updated]  maxlength.min.js - to 1.7.0
[updated]  select2.min.js - to 4.0.5
[updated]  bootstrap_multiselect.js - to the latest version
[updated]  bootstrap_select.min.js - to 1.12.4 (removed in BS4 version)
[updated]  validate.min.js and related files - to 1.17.0
[updated]  alpaca.min.js - to 1.5.23
[updated]  summernote.min.js - to 0.8.7
[updated]  jquery_ui files - to 1.12.1
[updated]  form_wizard.min.js - to 3.0.8 (removed in BS4 version)
[updated]  prism.min.js - to 1.8.4
[updated]  jgrowl.min.js - 1.4.4
[updated]  ladda.min.js - to 1.0.6
[updated]  spin.min.js - to 2.3.2
[updated]  pnotify.min.js - to 3.2.0
[updated]  noty.min.js - to 3.1.2
[updated]  moment.min.js and related - to 2.21.0
[updated]  bs_pagination.min.js - to 1.4.1
[updated]  fancybox.min.js - to 2.1.7
[updated]  ion_rangeslider.min.js - to 2.2.0
[updated]  headroom.min.js and related - to 0.9.4
[updated]  echarts.min.js - to 4.1.0 (including all examples)
[updated]  c3.min.js - to 0.4.21
[updated]  cropper.min.js - to 3.1.4
[updated]  dragula.min.js - to 3.7.2
[updated]  fileinput.min.js and related - to 4.4.3
[updated]  plupload.min.js and related - to 2.3.1
[updated]  dropzone.min.js - to latest
[updated]  fullcalendar.min.js - to 3.9.0
[updated]  I18next and related files - to 10.0.0
[updated]  datatables.min.js - to 1.10.18
[updated]  autofill.min.js - to 2.3.0
[updated]  buttons.min.js - to 1.5.2
[updated]  col_reorder.min.js - to 1.5.0
[updated]  fixed_columns.min.js - to 3.2.5 
[updated]  key_table.min.js - to 2.4.0
[updated]  responsive.min.js - to 2.2.2 
[updated]  row_reorder.min.js - to 1.2.4
[updated]  select.min.js - to 1.2.2 
[updated]  scroller.min.js - tp 1.5.0

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Alpaca and typeahead integration - wrong results in typeahead suggestions
[fixed]  tokenfield.min.js - removed deprecation warning in Chrome browser
[fixed]  datepaginator.min.js - fixed moment.js warnings
[fixed]  Images in thumbnail captions are hidden
[fixed]  Removed radioClass option from all Uniform configs and updated uniform.js code
[fixed]  Session and idle timeout tool generates wrong markup for modal
[fixed]  Bootstrap multi select in horizontal form: checkboxes have incorrect vertical alignment (by removing uniform dependency)
[fixed]  Data tables individual columns filtering with select - doesn’t work if table cell contains html
[fixed]  navbar.less has invalid selector :not(.disabled > a), which causes problems during compilation
[fixed]  Steps wizard with validation - when 4th step is not validated and Prev button is clicked, it jumps to 2nd step instead of 3rd
[fixed]  Summernote editor - Save button throws error when clicked
[fixed]  Fullcalendar - agenda view time axis height is messed up
[fixed]  Datatables fixed columns extension - table cells are misaligned when cell content is too long
[fixed]  Add new .table-scrollable class for scrollable table - current .pre-scrollable class is broken on mobile if used with tables
[fixed]  Alpaca with radios have unwanted left margin
[fixed]  Google charts warnings
[fixed]  Google maps warnings
[fixed]  Validation: select2 and bootstrap switch state doesn’t change on click, only after form resubmission
[fixed]  Navbar components have incorrect id’s in navbar components examples
[fixed]  Draggable cards - move action has wrong cursor
[fixed]  Sidebar components page - fancy tree throws error when collapsing/expanding nodes
[fixed]  Full calendar selected event has wrong background color
[fixed]  Daterangepicker in modal appears behind overlay
[fixed]  Autocomplete in modal appears behind overlay
[fixed]  jQuery UI Datepicker in modal appears behind overlay
[fixed]  Anytime in modal appears behind overlay
[fixed]  Pickadate and pickatime inside input group - form control has incorrect border radius
[fixed]  Modal events getting fired multiple times
[fixed]  Badges and labels in collapsed sidebar navigation have incorrect colours 
[fixed]  Bootstrap switch in RTL layout isn’t animated
[fixed]  In RTL version color picker has wrong color range direction
[fixed]  Material layout - multiple navbars: in the first navbar all dropdown appear behind the second navbar
[fixed]  Daterange picker direction styles

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------

[improved]  Removed .breadcrumb-liquid class as unused
[improved]  Removed .has-margin classes in form labels in floating labels page, in default theme only, no use
[improved]  Bootbox code and examples
[improved]  Added @images-path variable to variables-custom.less for image path. All images in LESS files are now using it.
[improved]  Bootstrap multiselect now uses CSS checkboxes instead of Uniform
[improved]  Removed path to bootstrap_multiselect.min.js and initialisation code from form_validation.html/js as no use
[improved]  components_notifications_others.html - removed path to pnotify.min.js
[improved]  Pnotify with type: ‘warning’ in basic theme doesn’t exist, removed in HTML
[improved]  Removed .modal-subtitle from the markup (html)
[improved]  .label-icon-xlg in labels.less as it’s similar to .btn-xs
[improved]  Flag images
[improved]  Added option for dropdown submenus to open on click
[improved]  Added  tabindex="-1" to all modals to enable Close on Escape press functionality
[improved]  Improved file structure
[improved]  Now all layouts use single set of JS files and images
[improved]  Significantly reduced package size
Version 1.6
April 20, 2017 v. 1.6

Version 1.6 is the final release of 1.* versions and includes important bug fixes, improvements and a couple of new pages - Ecommerce set, Pricing tables and Statistics widgets. Also includes 10 updated plugins, some of them were planned for previous version, but included in 1.6 for some reasons. Next version will have major improvements, Bootstrap 4.0 version and will be available for download withint next few months.

// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  Ecommerce - Product list (ecommerce_product_list.html)
[new]  Ecommerce - Product grid (ecommerce_product_grid.html)
[new]  Ecommerce - Orders history (ecommerce_orders_history.html)
[new]  Ecommerce - Customers list (ecommerce_customers.html)
[new]  Ecommerce - Pricing tables (ecommerce_pricing.html)

[new]  General pages - Statistics widgets (general_widgets_stats.html)

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Bootstrap Select - bootstrap_select.min.js - to 1.12.2
[updated]  Image Cropper - cropper.min.js - to 3.0.0
[updated]  Fullcalendar - fullcalendar.min.js - to 3.3.1
[updated]  Dual Listbox - duallistbox.min.js - to 3.0.6
[updated]  Bootstrap Switch - switch.min.js - to 3.3.4
[updated]  Form Validation - validate.min.js and related files - to 1.16.0
[updated]  Anytime picker - anytime.min.js - to 5.2.0
[updated]  ION Range Slider - ion_rangelider.min.js - to 2.1.7
[updated]  NoUI Slider - nouislider.min.js - to 9.2.0
[updated]  Bootstrap File Input - fileinput.min.js - to 4.4.0
[updated]  Fancytree - fancytree_all.min.js, fancytree_childcounter.js - to 2.22.1

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Daterangepicker doesn’t update values and dates in calendar entered manually in date range input fields
[fixed]  .media-annotation, .task-details list and .timeline-time classes - dot separator has incorrect HTML value
[fixed]  Wrong paths to locales in internationalization examples
[fixed]  Added missed .no-shadow class to helpers.less in default theme
[fixed]  Links with .text-muted class should have default text color on hover and focus
[fixed]  Fixed .media-body width bug if used inside tables
[fixed]  jQuery UI datepicker has wrong z-index and displays behind form group
[fixed]  Removed path to user_pages_team.js in user_pages_cards.html and removed file itself from assets/js/pages/
[fixed]  Deprecation warning about date formats everywhere where daterangepicker is used
[fixed]  Bootstrap file input - can’t remove thumb
[fixed]  Bootstrap file input - thumbnails are not draggable
[fixed]  Ripple throws JS error when used in dragging handler in bootstrap file input
[fixed]  Panel body should not inherit background color from panel
[fixed]  In coloured panel multiple panel bodies have wrong top border color

[fixed]  RTL layout - Bootstrap switch in RTL doesn’t work

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------

[improved]  Added responsive text alignment helper classes (.text-right-xs, .text-right-sm, .text-right-md, .text-right-lg)
[improved]  Added opacity helper classes (.opacity-75, .opacity-50, .opacity-25, .opacity-0)
[improved]  Removed all styles for images inside .stack-media-on-mobile container
[improved]  Added .img-md to helpers.less and changed fixed image size in .media-left/.media-right elements
[improved]  Added .datatable-header-accent and .datatable-footer-accent classes to highlight datatable header/footer
[improved]  Added scrollable block to sidebar
[improved]  Removed custom JS code for datatables filter field placeholder and replaced with DT searchPlaceholder option
[improved]  Added an option to panel to use background image in background
[improved]  Image sizing in thumbnails
Version 1.5
January 15, 2017 v. 1.5

Version 1.5 is a second part of version 1.4, which includes 22 new pages from 7 categories, various improvements and bug fixes. Please check documentation for a full list of changes and files that need to be updated.

// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  Blog - Vertical layout (blog_classic_v.html)
[new]  Blog - Horizontal layout (blog_classic_h.html)
[new]  Blog - Grid layout (blog_grid.html)
[new]  Blog - Single post (blog_single.html)
[new]  Blog - With left sidebar (blog_sidebar_left.html)
[new]  Blog - With right sidebar (blog_sidebar_right.html)

[new]  General pages - Feed layouts (general_feed.html)
[new]  General pages - Content widgets (general_widgets_content.html)
[new]  General pages - Responsive embeds (general_embeds.html)

[new]  Service pages - Sitemap (service_sitemap.html)

[new]  User pages - Tabbed profile (user_pages_profile_tabbed.html)

[new]  Mailbox - Mail list (mail_list.html)
[new]  Mailbox - List with detached sidebar (layout 1 and 2) (mail_list_detached.html)
[new]  Mailbox - Read mail (mail_read.html)
[new]  Mailbox - Write mail (mail_write.html)

[new]  Job search - Cards view (job_list_cards.html)
[new]  Job search - Panel view (job_list_panel.html)
[new]  Job search - Detailed view (job_detailed.html)
[new]  Job search - Apply (job_apply.html)

[new]  Learning kit - List view (learning_list.html)
[new]  Learning kit - Grid view (learning_grid.html)
[new]  Learning kit - Detailed view (learning_detailed.html)

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Switchery library - switchery.min.js - to 0.8.2
[updated]  Touchspin spinners - touchspin.min.js - to 3.1.2
[updated]  Autosize extension - autosize.min.js - to 3.0.20
[updated]  Bootstrap Select - bootstrap_select.min.js to 1.12.1
[updated]  Moment.js - moment.min.js, moment_locales.min.js - to 2.17.1

[updated]  Image Cropper - cropper.min.js - to 2.3.4
[updated]  Plupload file uploader - plupload bundle - to 2.2.1
[updated]  Bootstrap File Input library - fileinput.min.js to 4.3.7

[updated]  Datatables library - datatables.min.js - to 1.10.13
[updated]  Autofill DT extention - autofill.min.js - to 2.1.3
[updated]  Buttons DT extention - buttons.min.js - to 1.2.4
[updated]  Key Table DT extention - key_table.min.js - to 2.2.0
[updated]  Row Reorder DT extention - row_reorder.min.js - to 1.2.0

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Button with icon doesn't support checkboxes/radios
[fixed]  Float button - if text is too long, it wraps on the second line
[fixed]  Mini sidebar - in collapsed more, items with child levels have wrong right padding
[fixed]  Sidebar container bottom spacing fixes
[fixed]  In separate sidebar, panels and categories have double bottom spacing
[fixed]  Badge and label are transparent in active navigation item in default sidebar
[fixed]  Login and registration pages - password fields have wrong input types
[fixed]  Dropzone uploader - if uploader is not inside panel, background and border colors don't match
[fixed]  If responsive table goes after panel heading, table container and table itself need top border
[fixed]  Panel title doesn’t respect font size classes
[fixed]  Mini sidebar - children level dropdown in main navigation appears behind footer
[fixed]  Stacked media lists don't respect text alignment classes
[fixed]  If media object is displayed as panel body, it has extra top margin
[fixed]  Datatables fixed header - when click click sidebar control button, headers do not adjust to a new width
[fixed]  Anytime picker - empty cells are hidden in date grid
[fixed]  In material layout, multiple navbar buttons don't have horizontal spacing
[fixed]  FAB button in 5th layout has extra border

[fixed]  RTL layout - Dropzone uploader adds extra horizontal space to body and scrollbar appears
[fixed]  RTL layout - default pace theme doesn't show up

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------

[improved]  @table-cell-padding variable does not use padding variable
[improved]  Removed unused .icons-list-vertical class from html pages
[improved]  Removed unused .btn-slide class from html files
[improved]  Added inline list with vertical borders (.list-inline-bordered)
[improved]  Added group of block buttons (.btn-block-group)
[improved]  Added seamless row option which doesn't page spacing between columns (.row-seamless)
[improved]  Added border radius helpers (helpers.less)
[improved]  Added no-border option for jQuery UI datepicker if used inside panel
[improved]  Added class name for scrollable panel to limit panel viewport (.has-scroll)
[improved]  Added top border if panel has multiple bodies
[improved]  Added class name for slightly darker panel body (.panel-body-accent)
[improved]  Added nav tabs toolbar with grey background (.nav-tabs-toolbar)
[improved]  Improved navigation and file naming
Version 1.4 (part 1)
September 1, 2016 v. 1.4

Version 1.4 consists of 2 parts - first part contains updated libraries to the latest stable versions, fixed reported bugs and general template improvements; second part will include new pages and new components only. In general, this update doesn't include critical changes, but some of the features were completely re-thought: hiding panel heading and page header elements is now optional and file structure in Starter Kit has been slightly changed: now each layout uses common LESS and JS files for both main and starters layouts.

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Bootstrap library - bootstrap.min.js, bootstrap LESS files - to 3.3.7
[updated]  Font Awesome icon set - bundle - to 4.6.3

[updated]  Hover Dropdown extension - hover_dropdown.min.js - to 2.2.1
[updated]  Typeahead engine - typeahead.bundle.min.js to 0.11.1
[updated]  Dual Listbox - duallistbox.min.js - to 3.0.5
[updated]  Select2 library - select2.min.js - to 4.0.3
[updated]  Bootstrap Select library - bootstrap_select.min.js - to 1.11.1
[updated]  Uniform library - uniform.min.js - to 3.0
[updated]  Summernote editor - summernote.min.js - to 0.8.2

[updated]  Ladda extensions - ladda.min.js - to 1.0.0
[updated]  Bootstrap Progress Bars - progressbar.min.js - to 0.9.0
[updated]  Bootbox dialogs extension - bootbox.min.js to 4.4.0
[updated]  Bootpag pagination - bootpag.min.js - to 1.0.7
[updated]  Bootstrap pagination extension - bs_pagination.min.js - to 1.4

[updated]  Spectrum color picker - spectrum.js - to 1.8.0
[updated]  Pickadate pickers - pickadate.js bundle - to 3.5.6
[updated]  Anytime picker - anytime.min.js - to 5.1.2
[updated]  Bootstrap daterange picker - daterangepicker.js - to 2.1.23
[updated]  Moment.js library - moment.min.js and moment_locales.min.js - to 2.14.1

[updated]  ION Range sliders - ion_rangeslider.min.js - to 2.1.4
[updated]  NoUI sliders - nouislider.min.js - to 8.5.1
[updated]  jQuery UI slider pips - slider_pips.min.js - to 1.11.3 (in LTR only)

[updated]  Datatables library - datatables.min.js - to 1.10.12
[updated]  Autofill DT extention - autofill.min.js - to 2.1.2
[updated]  Buttons DT extention - buttons.min.js - to 1.2.1
[updated]  Column Reorder DT extention - col_reorder.min.js - to 1.3.2
[updated]  Fixed Columns DT extention - fixed_columns.min.js - to 3.2.2
[updated]  Fixed Header DT extention - fixed_header.min.js - to 3.1.2
[updated]  Key Table DT extention - key_table.min.js - to 2.1.2
[updated]  Responsive DT extention - responsive.min.js - to 2.1.0
[updated]  Row Reorder DT extention - row_reorder.min.js - to 1.1.2
[updated]  Scroller DT extention - scroller.min.js - to 1.4.2
[updated]  Select DT extention - select.min.js - to 1.2.0
[updated]  Handsontable library - handsontable.min.js - to 0.26.0

[updated]  Image Cropper - cropper.min.js to 2.3.3
[updated]  Typeahead Addresspicker - typeahead_addresspicker.js to the latest version
[updated]  Fancytree library - fancytree.min.js - to 2.18.0
[updated]  Fullcalendar library - fullcalendar.min.js - to 2.9.1
[updated]  Headroom.js extension - headroom.min.js and headroom_jquery.min.js - to 0.9.3
[updated]  Nicescroll custom scrollbar - nicescroll.min.js - to 3.6.8
[updated]  D3.js charting library - d3.min.js - to 3.5.17

[updated]  Plupload file uploader - plupload bundle - to 2.1.9
[updated]  Bootstrap File Input library - fileinput.min.js to 4.3.5

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Wrong horizontal padding in typeahead suggestions menu items in material layout
[fixed]  WYSIHTML5 text editor color picker doesn’t work and doesn't respect text styles
[fixed]  Fullcalendar table overflow is visible on small screens and some responsive issues
[fixed]  Datatable buttons collection dropdown has wrong horizontal padding
[fixed]  Alpaca horizontal selects extra gap between selects
[fixed]  Fancytree Child Counter extension missing styles
[fixed]  Pager has negative bottom margin
[fixed]  Tabs inside panel don’t have padding on mobile
[fixed]  Nested tabs in vertical tabs layout are also vertical
[fixed]  Styled single file input doesn’t respect width if file name is too long
[fixed]  Mega menu isn’t scrollable on mobile if inside fixed secondary navbar
[fixed]  jQuery UI datepicker is hidden if inside jQuery UI dialog
[fixed]  Dropdown menu in material layout inside breadcrumb elements has wrong placement
[fixed]  Bootstrap file input loading indicator has wrong position when loading begins
[fixed]  jQuery UI Select with icons - icons don’t have horizontal spacing
[fixed]  Steps wizard content overflow is hidden, so components inside wizard are partially hidden
[fixed]  Bootstrap select in panel heading elements triggers native select on click
[fixed]  Dropdown submenus on Android don’t open
[fixed]  Breadcrumb line component inside page header in material layout displayed incorrectly
[fixed]  Single styled file inputs are displayed inline on drag&drop page, in material layout
[fixed]  Search field in search and knowledgebase has background color in material layout
[fixed]  Contextual panels don't have background color on mobile, if heading elements are collapsed
[fixed]  Image cropper in Summernote editor has wrong position and appears behind image

[fixed]  RTL layout - typeahead inputs in material layout have wrong direction
[fixed]  RTL layout - fancy box has incorrect position
[fixed]  RTL layout - handsontable tables have wrong styles
[fixed]  RTL layout - daterangepicker is missing RTL direction in plugin configurations

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------

[improved]  Improved file structure in Starter Kits
[improved]  Removed paths to extra JS files in Handsontable pages
[improved]  gulpfile.js - minifycss replaced with clean-css due to deprecation
[improved]  Improved Typeahead initializations accross JS files
[improved]  Added missing badges component to panel and page header components list
[improved]  Added 3 new examples of Bootbox dialog extension
[improved]  Added option to disable collapsing of heading elements on mobile (using .not-collapsible class added to .heading-elements container)
[improved]  Now heading elements on mobile push content down instead of covering elements below, so that all responsive containers have consistent appearance
[improved]  Panel heading elements now have background color different from panel background color on mobiles
[improved]  Each layout now uses 1 gulp file for main layout and Starter Kits
Version 1.3
April 1, 2016 v. 1.3

Version 1.3 is another massive update, which has been in development over the past 3 months. This version includes bug fixing for reported issues, new components, new layout, new theme and updated plugins/libraries to the latest stable versions. Also includes significant improvements of LESS files structure and RTL layout logic - switched to gulp task, which automatically generates CSS files for RTL version, so now both layout directions use same set of LESS files with a few exceptions. The only benefit - very easy to track changes and update files, downside - requires gulp task runner. But documentation and myself help to solve any kind of issues related to upgrade.

// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  New layout
[new]  Material design theme for all layouts
[new]  Alpaca forms - JSON driven form generator
[new]  Floating Action Menu - material style floating action button with menu, supports 4 positions
[new]  Panel footer components - a great addition to panel component to display panel header components in panel footer
[new]  Floating labels - display hidden labels on input fields
[new]  New heading components - image thumbnails and inline lists
[new]  New page header options - transparent, light, dark, light image and dark image
[new]  New tabs - vertical left/right, with top icons
[new]  Modal with remote source - configuration example
[new]  Navbar navigation - added status mark support
[new]  Forms - added large and extra large input sizes
[new]  Footer - now footer can be either text or navbar component (static and fixed)
[new]  Components animation - added optional transitions to all components, now they are animated by default

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  PNotify notifications - pnotify.min.js - to 3.0.0
[updated]  Noty notifications - noty.min.js - to 2.3.8

[updated]  Datatables library - datatables.min.js - to 1.10.11 and extensions
[updated]  Autofill extension - autofill.min.js - to 2.1.1
[updated]  Buttons extension - buttons.min.js - to 1.1.2
[updated]  Column reorder extension - col_reorder.min.js - to 1.3.1
[updated]  Fixed columns extension - fixed_columns.min.js - to 3.2.1
[updated]  Fixed header extension - fixed_header.min.js - to 3.1.1
[updated]  Key table extension - key_table.min.js - to 2.1.1
[updated]  Responsive extension - responsive.min.js - to 2.0.2
[updated]  Row reorder extension - row_reorder.min.js - to 1.1.1
[updated]  Scroller extension - scroller.min.js - to 1.4.1
[updated]  Select extension - select.min.js - to 1.1.2

[updated]  Select2 library - select2.min.js - to 4.0.2
[updated]  ECharts charting library - echarts.js - to 2.2.7
[updated]  FullCalendar - fullcalendar.min.js - to 2.6.1
[updated]  Dropzone file uploader - dropzone.min.js - to 4.3.0 (done, replace dropzone.less everywhere)
[updated]  Plupload file uploader - plupload.full.min.js - to 2.1.8
[updated]  D3.js visualization library - d3.min.js -  to 3.5.16
[updated]  Noui slider - nouislider.min - to 8.3.0 (done)
[updated]  BlockUI extension - blockui.min.js - to 2.7.0
[updated]  Jasny Bootstrap - jasny_bootstrap.min.js - to 3.1.3
[updated]  Passy - passy.js - to the latest version
[updated]  Auto growing textarea - autosize.js - to 3.0.15 (requires fixes in form_controls_extended.js) (done)
[updated]  Bootstrap selects - bootstrap_select.min.js - to 1.10.0 (requires fixes in bootstrap-select.less) (done)
[updated]  Touchspin spinners - touchspin.min.js - to 3.1.1
[updated]  Bootstrap tags input - bootstrap_tagsinput.min.js - to 0.8.0
[updated]  Form validation - validate.min.js - to 1.15.0 (also needs to be updated form_validation.js - replace card with creditcard)
[updated]  Summernote editor - summernote.min.js - to 0.8.1 (needs new font files to be added)
[updated]  Hideable navbar - headroom.min.js - to 0.8.0
[updated]  Bootstrap file input - file-input.min.js - to 4.3.1
[updated]  Handlebars - handlebars.min.js - to 4.0.5

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Extra horizontal scrollbar in Fullcalendar in Firefox
[fixed]  Multiple Select2 - wrong cross icon placement in FF
[fixed]  Container height hack for FF caused footer issues on mobile
[fixed]  Select2 multiple select with custom bg color - wrong placeholder color
[fixed]  Typo in navbar.less, which caused compilation warnings
[fixed]  When collapsing/expanding sidebar category, class name is added to a wrong item
[fixed]  Panel heading - incorrect vertical alignment in icons and text (wrong calculation) 
[fixed]  Descriptions list have incorrect titles on mobiles
[fixed]  If badges have border, border radius is too small to make them rounded
[fixed]  Panel heading - wrong position of tabs and pills
[fixed]  Incorrect height of ION range slider
[fixed]  noUI vertical slider has wrong range width
[fixed]  Color picker overflows fixed navbar
[fixed]  Growl notification generated by BlockUI has double border
[fixed]  jQuery UI selects - long text overlaps arrow icon
[fixed]  Dropzone icon marks appear on the left side overflowing thumb
[fixed]  In 3rd and 4th layout, collapsed sidebar has extra top spacing
[fixed]  Links with default bootstrap contextual background colors have wrong colors on hover/focus
[fixed]  If panel is collapsed by default, arrow icon isn’t rotated
[fixed]  Single daterange picker with time picker - empty calendars container shows up
[fixed]  Floating button inside page header (link buttons) don’t have vertical padding
[fixed]  On mobiles, flat button inside navbar has wrong color text color
[fixed]  Invoice template first row has wrong breakpoint
[fixed]  Datatables doesn’t have horizontal spacing in header/footer if table is inside form
[fixed]  Hideable navbar doesn’t support optional navbar sizes
[fixed]  Border radius inconsistency in input elements
[fixed]  In RTL version page title subtitle has wrong position
[fixed]  Icon inside input group disappears when input is focused
[fixed]  Default and flat labels/badges heights are inconsistent
[fixed]  Pagination and pager have extra bottom spacing
[fixed]  Datatables fixed columns extension - complex header example not resizable
[fixed]  Dual list boxes inconsistent border radiuses

// # List of improvements
// ------------------------------

[improved]  Improved *-sm and *-xs styles in inputs, buttons, selects and input groups
[improved]  Additional placements of labels/badges in dropdown (badges/labels are always on the far right)
[improved]  Fancy box close button position
[improved]  Added horizontal spacing to images inside user dropdown menu
[improved]  Single styled file input (supports text and icons with all available button styles)
[improved]  Use buttons instead of inputs in steps actions
[improved]  Label/badge and flat label/badge size inconsistency
[improved]  Increased caret width
[improved]  Added .no-shadow helper class - removes shadow from element
[improved]  Tabs inside panel header
[improved]  Add direction: ltr; to all tags to avoid issues in RTL version
[improved]  Removed input highlights in contextual feedback states
[improved]  Look and feel of CKEditor toolbar
[improved]  Added multiselect dropdown support to navbar
[improved]  Sidebar navigation appearance
[improved]  RTL version - switched to gulp task, that automatically generates RTL version from LTR, to avoid problems with updates
[improved]  Significantly improved LESS file structure
Version 1.2.1
December 15, 2015 v. 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 is a quick update that contains some reported bugs fixes and plugins update. Nothing new is added since this is an addition to global 1.2 version. Important milestone for 1.3 version is footer and container height enhancements - jquery solution for calculating minimum container height will be replaced with pure CSS.

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Bootstrap file input - to the latest version
[updated]  Select2 - from RC1 to stable 4.0.1 version

// # List of fixed bugs
// ------------------------------

// Core fixes
[fixed]  Documentation - correct release date on main page, fixed path to globalize/ library, gulp plugins to install
[fixed]  Navbar - added sticky sidebar top spacing if used with fixed top single navbar. To be enhanced in 1.3
[fixed]  Fixed sidebar and navbar - removed unnecessary affix code from the page

// Components fixes
[fixed]  Centered timeline - extra dots on desktop
[fixed]  Datatables Select extension - checkboxes are not selectable
[fixed]  Datatables Autofill and Select - wrong columns sorting in examples with checkboxes
[fixed]  Select2 selects - selected text overlaps arrow in single select
[fixed]  Select2 selects validation - wrong error/success label placement
Version 1.2
December 2, 2015 v. 1.2

Version 1.2 includes bug fixing for reported issues, new components and updated plugins/libraries to the latest stable versions. Also i've included gulp file to simplify development process, including package.json file. New components added: Handsontable library, Dragula drag and drop library, full set of jQuery UI components, new Select2 version and updated examples, full set of Datatables extensions and new login pages. Changes in this update affect all layouts, both LTR and RTL directions.

// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  Handsontable - excel-like spreadsheet for apps
[new]  Dragula - drag and drop library
[new]  jQuery UI - full set of components
[new]  Row Reorder - Datatables extension
[new]  Fixed Header - Datatables extension
[new]  Auto Fill - Datatables extension
[new]  Key Table - Datatables extension
[new]  Select - Datatables extension
[new]  Buttons - Datatables extension
[new]  Login/registration form with validation
[new]  Login/registration forms inside modals
[new]  Login/registration form inside tabs
[new]  Vertical navigation with labels and badges
[new]  Ion Range Sliders - responsive range slider library
[new]  gulpfile.js and package.json for Gulp task runner

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  Bootstrap library - to version 3.3.6
[updated]  jQuery UI library - to the latest version (1.11.4)
[updated]  Select2 - to version 4.0.1, including examples
[updated]  Sweet Alerts - to the latest version, including examples
[updated]  Datatables - to the latest version (1.10.10)
[updated]  Daterangepicker - to the latest version (2.1.13)
[updated]  NoUI sliders library - to the latest version (8.1.0)
[updated]  Velocity animations library - to the latest version (1.2.3 and 5.0.4)
[updated]  i18next internationalization library - to the latest version (1.11.1)

// # List of fixed bugs
// ------------------------------

// Core fixes
[fixed]  Filled page header - extra scroll when content height is smaller than page height (2nd, 3rd and 4th layouts)
[fixed]  Vertical navigation sizing in Mini sidebar mode (wrong top spacing in sub menu)
[fixed]  Added missing margin and padding helper classes to the helpers table

// Components fixes
[fixed]  Login/registration and error pages - jump on page load
[fixed]  Removed modals with remote source as deprecated in 3.3.0 version (to be replaced with AJAX modals)
[fixed]  Badges now have transparent background color by default - no dependency on parent container bg color
[fixed]  Form wizard with validation - doesn’t go to the second step when all inputs filled
[fixed]  Daterangepicker picker - invisible text in selects
[fixed]  Incorrect date format in daterangepicker in RTL version
[fixed]  Daterange single date picker extra horizontal spacing
[fixed]  Fancybox lightbox jumps to the top of the page on button click
[fixed]  Fancybox loading icon doesn't show up
[fixed]  Blockquote footer overlapping
[fixed]  NoUI slider RTL direction support
[fixed]  Bootstrap tags input RTL Typeahead input direction (appears in LTR direction)
[fixed]  jQuery UI datepicker selects wrong margin that causes stacking
[fixed]  Form control feedback icon inside input group is hidden on focus
[fixed]  Horizontal multi level menu with nice scroll causes js error, because initialized twice

// # List of enhancements
// ------------------------------

[enhanced]  Added extra styles for syntax highlighter, doesn't look so boring with stripes
[enhanced]  Re-structured less files for tables, now they more organized
[enhanced]  Changed structure of jQuery UI components and less files - grouped by widgets, effects, core and interactions
[enhanced]  jQueryUI and NoUI sliders default color changed from grey to dark blue

// # List of new pages
// ------------------------------

[new page] navigation_vertical_labels_badges.html
[new page] jqueryui_interactions.html
[new page] jqueryui_forms.html
[new page] jqueryui_components.html
[new page] jqueryui_navigation.html
[new page] extension_dnd.html
[new page] datatable_extension_row_reorder.html
[new page] datatable_extension_fixed_header.html
[new page] datatable_extension_autofill.html
[new page] datatable_extension_key_table.html
[new page] datatable_extension_select.html
[new page] datatable_extension_buttons_init.html
[new page] datatable_extension_buttons_flash.html
[new page] datatable_extension_buttons_print.html
[new page] datatable_extension_buttons_html5.html
[new page] handsontable_basic.html
[new page] handsontable_advanced.html
[new page] handsontable_cols.html
[new page] handsontable_cells.html
[new page] handsontable_types.html
[new page] handsontable_custom_checks.html
[new page] handsontable_ac_password.html
[new page] handsontable_search.html
[new page] handsontable_context.html
[new page] login_validation.html
[new page] login_tabbed.html
[new page] login_modals.html

// # List of removed components
// ------------------------------

[removed] TableTools - Datatables extension
[removed] ColVis - Datatables extension
Version 1.1
October 21, 2015 v. 1.1

First update is the most simplified and includes urgent bug fixes of core components, plugins and libraries. Also version 1.1 includes updates of some components to the latest stable versions. The only new thing here is RTL version of all 4 layouts, that support almost all available components and layout features. Below you can find general list of all changes and details about upgrading.

// # List of new components
// ------------------------------

[new]  RTL layout for all 4 main layout variations
[new]  bootbox.less - new LESS file for extended Bootstrap modal dialogs

// # List of updated plugins
// ------------------------------

[updated]  CKEditor - latest version
[updated]  Select2 - latest 3.5.x version, 4.0 is coming
[updated]  Bootstrap Multiselect - latest version
[updated]  Datatables - latest version

// # List of fixed bugs
// ------------------------------

// Core fixes
[fixed]  Sidebar - side border overlaped content in light sidebar (layout 1 and 2)
[fixed]  Breadcrumbs - in colored version links had wrong background color on hover/active
[fixed]  Breadcrumbs - dropdown menu didn't have borders in breadcrumb line component
[fixed]  Labels - striped labels didn't have right border variation as supposed to
[fixed]  Navbars - unnecessary dropdown menu re-position in navbar component
[fixed]  Button groups - extra space between buttons in toolbar
[fixed]  Tables - extra border in framed table in responsive table container

// Components fixes
[fixed]  Bootstrap Select - wrong rounded corners inside input group
[fixed]  Bootstrap Select - no styling of dropdown menu
[fixed]  SelectBox - wrong rounded corners inside input group
[fixed]  Tags Input - input field didn't have bottom spacing
[fixed]  Typeahead - small menu width if text options are too short
[fixed]  Sweet alerts - title was too big for motification size
[fixed]  Anytime picker - wrong title margin and unnecessary close button
[fixed]  jQuery UI Datepicker - extra RTL-related code in less file
[fixed]  Fullcalendar - extra RTL-related code in less file
[fixed]  Chats - wrong variables in LESS file
[fixed]  Dropzone Uploader - success/error markers moved down in thumbnails is name is visible
[fixed]  Colors - default BS styles overrided text hover state
[fixed]  SelectBox page - extra panel control buttons
Initial release
October 1, 2015 v. 1.0
Limitless is in active development. All updates will be properly documented and explained, to make your upgrade process as easy as possible. In all new updates will be included: bug fixing, new functionality, plugins version control and code improvement. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or requests!
What Quantity Description
Core files
Folders 268 Folders with files, excluding CKEditor and Starter kit folders
HTML files 249 Depending on layout, around 249 main HTML files in each layout
CSS files 7 4 main CSS files, 2 CSS for icon fonts and 1 animate.min.css animation library
LESS files 203 All LESS files, including Bootstrap core
JS files 896 All JS files, excluding starter kit and CKEditor folders
Image files 256 Logos, flag icons and notification icons
Other files
JSON files 23 Different demo data sources. For demo purposes
CSV files 11 Mainly for charts based on D3.js library. For demo purposes
TSV files 13 Mainly for charts based on D3.js library. For demo purposes
SWF files 3 Additional files for datatables TableTools extension and Plupload file uploader